Favorite Books of February

Reading was always an integral part of my family growing up, and books were something that my husband and I initially bonded on. So, it was no surprise to us when James began showing an early interest in reading.

Photo Feb 17, 10 09 52 AM.jpg

I thought I would compile a list of ten books that we are loving for this month. It will be nice to look back on and might give some other book worm mamas some ideas! My son is nearly two and a half, so some books are appropriate for younger children and some are perfect for older readers as well.

Photo Jan 23, 11 41 25 PM.jpg

1) Monster Trucks by Dennis R. Shealy- This is literally James’s favorite book and he will request multiple people to read it to him every night. He has memorized the words on each page and usually completes the sentences for me when I read to him. Something about monster trucks is so appealing for boys! 🙂

Photo Jan 23, 11 43 11 PM.jpg

2) Lama Lama I Love You by Anna Dewdney- Honestly, any Lama Lama story is an instant hit with my son but we read this one right before Valentine’s Day and it helped get us in the holiday spirit.

Photo Jan 23, 11 45 06 PM.jpg

3) Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel- I recently weaned James and have had to find an alternative to putting him to sleep. He loves the Frog and Toad stories and asks to read them daily, and the collection I have is enough to entertain him, then lull him to sleep.

Photo Jan 23, 11 47 08 PM.jpg

4) Peppa Plays Soccer by Scholastic- I think Peppa Pig is an instant winner with most kids, and my son is certainly no exception. He said to me just the other night “I want to have tea and a chat,” something I believe Daddy Pig said in an episode. 😉

Photo Jan 23, 11 44 04 PM.jpg

5) King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently- This has been one of James’s favorites for nearly a year… Or as long as we have had it honestly. The story of three brave boys who face dragons and terrible beasts, and make it home in time for bedtime really resonates with us. Full of imagination and adventure, this is one of my favorites.

Photo Jan 23, 11 42 48 PM.jpg

6) Snuggle Bunnies by Lisa McCue- Such a cute story about three little bunnies and their mama. Short but sweet and beautifully illustrated.

Photo Jan 23, 11 46 42 PM.jpg

7) Goodnight Dragons by Judith Roth-Ah, the tale of the boy who ventures out with his dog to tame dragons with blankets and hot chocolate. Such a sweet story about bravery, friendship, and dragons of course.

Photo Feb 16, 11 22 38 PM.jpg

8) We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen- I believe I got this when James was 15 months old and have been reading it to him ever since. Recently on our daily walks he will recite the song, “We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one…”

Photo Feb 16, 11 23 05 PM.jpg

9) Ten on the Sled  by Kim Norman- Is anyone else’s child still obsessed with reading Christmas books? Because mine is! He loves all things Christmas and this book is certainly no exception.

Photo Jan 23, 11 46 37 PM.jpg

10) Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson (not pictured)- This was actually a book we discovered from our local library and fell in love with. It’s a story about a bear who just can’t stop eating! James finds it so funny and the rhymes in the book make it easy for little readers to anticipate what is going to happen next.

I hope that you all liked this post and found some new books to read to your children!