Crowns and Cupcakes

There is something so inherently ethereal about flower crowns… And while I have always had a deep love for them, I hadn’t ever found an opportunity to make one until I joined a class specifically for that purpose. And just in case any of you share the interest in floral crowns, I’ve linked a few similar items at the bottom of this post.

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While we worked we were offered these delicious looking cupcakes!

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The work tables were covered in a vast array of flowers, so we were free to pick and choose what ever we were drawn to. As always, I noticed purple first!

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Our teacher was both enthusiastic and helpful and I think we all left the class feeling satisfied with what we’d created. 🙂

Similar products used:

♡ Liv

Lavender Air Freshener


I thought I would share this easy DIY that I came up with for fellow moms who, like me have run out of candles to burn and need something to make their home smell like a home again. Unlike a lot of air fresheners that I have used, an essential oil air freshener won’t just conceal an odor, it will actually get rid of it. We share a room with our son, so this is especially great for us!

Items Required:

Essential oil (I used lavender)


Spray bottle

1) Add water to a spray bottle and then mix about 5-6 drops of the essential oil of your choice into the container (I used lavender oil because I prefer the scent for spring).

2) Shake the bottle well and use as often as you like! I use mine all the time in our bedroom and around the house when I feel like the room needs a little something extra.


Rocking Chair Revival

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a4 preset  I have a passion for all things from the past. Period dramas, history, and antiques. And luckily for me our town has enough antique shops to keep me occupied. (; In addition to my passion for all things old,  I love the idea of finding something older with character and making it new again.

We found this cute little green rocking chair for $9 at an antique store this past weekend and I knew when James’s face lit up at the sight of it that we had to have it. Sure, it’s a little small and splintery, but I was determined to make it our own with a little love and paint.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset Voila! After several coats of paint, James’s little chair looked like new. I’m planning on adding a small cushion for the bottom, so he can sit and read his books on it comfortably. And if he outgrows it, we plan on saving it for the children to come!

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