Short Hair

On New Year’s Eve, I cut off more than six inches of my hair. My long locks had fallen victim to curious baby hands one too many times and I just had to be done with it. Fortunately, short hair is in at the moment so all I had to do was browse through Pinterest to find a style that I liked. img_4438-0 img_4444-0 img_4445-0

Another exciting aspect that has accompanied this new look has been Urban Decay’s Naked 3 pallette. This eyeshadow has been life changing for me, I kid you not.

img_4859 img_4861

The Naked 3 eye shadow palette comes with twelve shades of pink and brown hued colors, and range from matte tones to shimmery ones. I realize that this palette has been out for awhile, and to be honest I initially avoided purchasing it because of the price, but it was given to me this year as a Christmas gift and now I honestly wish that I had overcome my aversion and bought it sooner. I am no makeup expert, I am just a person who enjoys soft toned, natural looks, so this palette is perfect for me.

In contrast to any other eye shadow I have used, these colors seem to remain more intact on the eye lid and barely smudge at all or leave obnoxious creases on the lid.


When I grow more confident in my makeup abilities I may post a tutorial, so be sure to stick around!

Products Used:

Urban Decay’s “Naked 3” Eye Shadow Palette ($54)

Wet & Wild lipstick in shade “Bare It All” ($2.29)

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