How I Lost the Baby Weight

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I’ve nearly reached three months postpartum, so I thought I’d share some of my body changes and methods that have helped me lose the baby weight.

Before I got pregnant I weighed roughly 125 pounds and was in pretty good shape. I jogged regularly and had a rather clean diet.


At the very end of my pregnancy, I gained a total of 40 pounds. I tried to incorporate light exercise into my daily routine and eat realistically, but wasn’t torn up about it if neither happened.


At almost three months postpartum I try to find time to exercise, but honestly, I’m lucky if it ever happens. I now weigh 129 pounds, just four pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight.

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I’m haven’t been stressing over losing the final four pounds or skipping meals and I think that that has helped greatly in my overall health and weight loss. I know that I will lose the weight when my body is ready to, and not before. I think this is something that many women forget to keep in mind after having a baby. Our bodies lose over a fourth of our blood supply during labor. Wouldn’t it make sense to take time to let our bodies heal rather than forcing them to meet an unrealistic standard? I have kept a considerably positive outlook in this aspect, and try to remind myself to be kind to my body instead of dwelling upon why I’m not losing more weight.

Another thing that has helped enormously has been breastfeeding. I could talk forever about the endless benefits that this provides for baby and mama, so I’ll try to keep it brief. I breastfeed James on demand, which probably contributes greatly to his full figure ha ha. But I have noticed that this sort of non-schedule rather than the two hour one that was thrown upon me by the lactation consultant has made James much happier and compliant than the previous one. It also encourages a bonding experience with mama that bottle fed babies lack. And breastfeeding mothers can burn up to 600 calories daily. Basically a win-win situation.

Lastly, now that I’m breastfeeding and am not struck by absurd pregnancy cravings, I’ve gone a bit crazy about everything that I put into my body because it affects James. I am completely guilty of avidly reading all of the Pinterest articles that depict what foods cause colic and gassiness. Yet, after failing to cut out the unreasonable amount of food listed, I’ve given up. Truthfully, I haven’t noticed a difference in James’s demeanor because of food but I have tried to keep the amount of coffee I consume to one cup a day. And when I am not sticking to the healthy food, I have kept to the rule of moderation and balancing what constitutes as bad with the good.

So, there it is. My body may have changed, but for now I’m content with my appearance and the sweet baby I get to enjoy every day!

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